Dear all,
As you all know that Nepal is prone to different types of disaster with fire being one of the most recurring. Due to the lack of knowledge in the field of fire safety and security, not only we got loss of the property, environment and wild life but also the precious human life. In the village areas, every year particularly in the dry season a large number of incidents of fire reported, as in this season due to the dry climate any dry subjects or structures are vulnerable to fire due to natural reasons or human mistakes.The unplanned urbanization and industrialization , urban areas are also becoming more vulnerable to fire. Poor fire services , few and old engines, insufficient skilled human resource, combine with narrow lanes and clustered households is increasing vulnerability to fire. After the fire occurs, definitely there will be destruction of properties, causes injuries and take lives. One of the key strategies to maintaining a safe work place and preventing fires is fire safety and security training. With proper training anybody can eliminated fire hazards and respond quickly and efficiently if a fire breaks out. By familiarize yourself with the modern electronic security devices, you can conduct the professional corporate security operation properly.
So, dear all, as a managing director of this organization , I would like to invite you all to which would up the horizon for you all in this newly established filed of fire safety and security. I assure you that after the training regarding the fire safety and security , you all can response like professional , in the time of emergency of fire and security threats.

With lots of love and regards,
Raj Kumar Shrestha