Who we are?
We are the professional team who are dedicated to provide the service regarding fire safety and security where we support in the term of uses of fire safety equipments and all the electronic security equipments. We also provide awareness programme against the natural or artificial fire disaster. and security threats.

What we do?
a) Give national standard fire fighting training, in which,
i. Theory of fire.
ii. Fire prevention.
iii. Fire detection.
iv. Fixed firefighting systems.
v. Portable firefighting equipments.
vi. Fire fighting methods.
b) Give disaster management training.
c) Give fire safety and security awareness programme.
d) Give electronic security equipments like baggage screening
machine, cctv, hhmd, wtmd etc. training.
e) Give basic self defence training.
f) Conduct international course of fire safety and security in
different countries.
g) Provide evacuation plans.
h) Give elementary first aid training.
i) Conduct mock fire drills.

Why we are needed?
To gain the knowledge regarding the fire safety and security, which help the public to take action against the fire and security threat. this can be beneficent to reduce the loss of human life , property and natural sources at the time of fire and security emergencies.

When we are available?
Whenever the public demand us , we are available in the format of 24. If we are not reachable in all the region we can also provide telephone counseling to fight against the fire and security threat in the format of 24.

Where we are?
Recently our head office is at bhagawati bahal ward no 26, thamel , kathmandu , nepal. Slowly we are expanding our organization in all province of our country, where the designated person appointed by our organization will expand the organization all over the country.

To whom we serve?
We serve to, as per the insistence of,
A) public
B) schools
C) communities
D) apartments
E) hotels, restaurants, lounges, clubs, party venues etc.
F) hospitals and all other medical sectors
G) financial institutions like banks, insurance companies etc.
H) government or non government organizations
I) private offices
J) transport means are like airport, bus stands etc.
K) transport means like airplane, buses, cars etc.
L) different industries
M) business centers, shopping centers etc.
N) religious centers like temples, churches, mosque, stupa etc.
O) hydro powers
P) construction line
Q) agriculture sector

Whose responsibilities we confront?
First of all we all are responsible to serve the nation as our knowledge and capacity. As we the knowledge and capacity of fire safety and security, we confront the responsibility of society by preparing them to fight against the fire and security threats, which reduce the loss of human life, property and natural resources at the time of emergencies.

In which field we operate?
Specially we operate our programme in the field of public awareness regarding fire safety and security. Each buildings – each rooms and minimum of one person should be provided by fire safety and security knowledge is our earmark.

How we operate?
Basically we operate as per the insistence of different sources but company has its own course of action to operate the organization. We have liaison with different international university for the advance fire safety and security training. Here also we provide basic knowledge of fire safety and security where we provide our clients the training of fire detection, prevention and evacuation and uses of different electronic equipments.